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A Little About Lucky Bamboo


          Over the past few years “Lucky Bamboo” has become one of the most popular feng shui accessories on the market. If you don’t yet have a Lucky Bamboo plant, once your friends and family find out that you are interested in feng shui you’ll probably receive one as a gift someday soon. In fact, Lucky Bamboo is said to be luckiest when it is received as a gift. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy one for yourself if you want to, though; just think of it as a gift from you for your home or office.

          Lucky bamboo has been used by the Chinese for centuries in the art of feng shui to create harmony in their surroundings. As it turns out, lucky bamboo plants aren't from the bamboo family at all but the Dracaena family. The Chinese considered Dracaena sanderiana to be good luck bamboo partly because it required so little light. So, it may not be bamboo but it is lucky for growing in many homes and offices with low light conditions.

          Lucky bamboo stalks are available in straight, curly, or spiral stalks from 4 to 48 inches tall. Growing lucky bamboo into curly, spiral and other shapes is truly an art. Lucky bamboo only grows straight so Chinese artisans lay the bamboo down and turn it often to make it grow the direction they want. One 360 degree turn of a spiral takes an entire year to make! With good lucky bamboo care, these lovely creations will last several years.


          Bamboo is a symbol of luck and success because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude. One reason Lucky Bamboo is so popular is its reputation for being low-maintenance and pretty much “idiot-proof”: in other words, it’s the perfect plant for people who know nothing about plants or who don’t have the time or inclination to care for them. Its hardiness also means Lucky Bamboo is well-suited for spaces with little or no natural light. Plus -- although you can spend hundreds of dollars on a large, complex arrangement if you want to -- a small pot with just 3-5 stalks costs as little as $10 and takes up very little space on your desk.

          With its fresh green hues and its vigorous tenacity, bamboo has been considered a symbol of good fortune in Asian cultures for at least 4000 years. It has the ability to thrive in a variety of conditions and to adapt to its surroundings. In the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, which seeks to create a balanced arrangement of the elements of earth, water, wood, metal, and fire in order to bring harmony to our living environments, bamboo is valued as a perfect representative of wood, with its tall, vertical shape and verdant color. This element is said to have an influence on life energy, growth, vitality and physical activity. Because Lucky Bamboo is able to thrive in many areas of the home or workplace where other plants would not, it is frequently cultivated as a means to enhance the positive flow of energy or "chi" in these areas.






Lucky Bamboo Care


                                                      Lucky Bamboo
                                                                  Dracaena sanderiana

          Lucky bamboo is happy to grow without soil in a few inches of water. It prefers moderate or indirect light; avoid direct sun which will scorch the leaves. Temperatures should be between 65–95° F. Fresh, clean water is essential to maintain the plants and the roots should always be wet or moist. Replenish the vase with fresh water every 7–10 days. Feeding every 3–4 weeks with liquid Green Green fertilizer is sufficient. There is more detailed information on our Lucky Bamboo Care below (PDF) including information on towers and other tied arrangements.


       Lucky Bamboo

                    Dracaena sanderiana

          The Chinese say lucky bamboo improves Feng Shui and creates a space where you feel safe and more energized. It brings luck, fortune, and prosperity to your loved ones— not to mention the beauty and color it brings into your home!


Unpacking Lucky Bamboo

          We packaged your lucky bamboo stems separately from pots or vases to protect them during shipping. Please remove the protective wrapping from your bamboo but do not remove twist ties, if any. It is important to keep roots moist or in water at all times so put your stems or arrangements in a vase or tray of water if you’re not ready to put them in their new home right away.

Arrangements or Towers

          The twist ties on multi-stem bamboo products are not just decorative, they provide necessary stability. Do not remove them! Place your lucky bamboo in its container and fill the container with pebbles or marbles. Add water until the pebble/marble base is fully covered. Check your bamboo’s water level frequently at first! Arrangements with several stems will need water at least twice a week, maybe more, especially during summer. If you received a tower with 2–8 tiers, the stems may have shifted during shipping. Please carefully push each stem down one by one until all their bottoms are all at the same level.


          Your lucky bamboo is tough and resilient. It needs very little light and is content with the artificial lighting in your home. Insufficient light, however, will fade the leaves to a light green. If this happens, just try another location with a little bit more light.


          Lucky bamboo is very easy to take care of—just add or replace water one to two times per week. If the chlorine content in your water is very high, please use filtered or bottled water. If you keep lucky bamboo in a vase, don’t fill it to the top as you do with flowers. lucky bamboo grows roots wherever water contacts it so a higher water level will sprout roots further up the stem than is attractive.

Water for Lucky Bamboo

          Tap water is sufficient if chlorine levels are low. It is best if you leave a pitcher of tap water sitting out overnight to let the chlorine evaporate before watering your plant the next day. Unfortunately, fluoride does not evaporate and it is toxic to Dracaena plants. If fluoride levels are high in your tap water, it is recommended that you use a non-fluoridated water source such as bottled/reverse osmosis water.


Arrangements in Containers with Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, etc.

          Keep the rocks covered with water. Replace water once in awhile by taking your arrangement apart and rinsing the rocks, container, and the lucky bamboo roots; then reassemble it. This is a little extra work but necessary for the health of your lucky bamboo!


          As tough as lucky bamboo is, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. It should also not be exposed to temperatures below 50–60°F. We don’t recommend putting it outside either as it may attract insects and or die.